Product care

Our jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and 18K yellow gold and mostly hand-made and then gold plated or rose gold plated. We use a very high quality and qualitative gilding (3 – 5 micron). All of our jewelry is nickel free.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and of course needs special care. So that you can enjoy the quality and shine for a long time, here are the care tips we put together:

The piece of jewelry should always be worn last, i. Always apply creams, lotion, perfume, hair spray etc first and only then your jewelry.
If your jewelery is DELOA’s rose- or gold-plated jewel, then tune your jewelery to your planned daily routine: do not wear it during sports, on the beach or before bathing. We also recommend the jewelery before housework or hand washing off.
Store your jewelry in the included DELOA packaging, which you will receive when you purchase it. Store your jewelry in dark and dry places, as high humidity can cause tarnishing.
925 sterling silver will increase over time, this can rarely be prevented. This is a natural process and a known property of this metal which can oxidize with contact of pleasure / water. Therefore, we recommend to clean silver jewelry regularly, here is a silver wipes, polish your jewelry gently and gently.

A little tip: for the storage of sterling silver jewelry is particularly well airtight sealable plastic bag.

Gold filled

As is well known, gilding wears off over time. This is completely normal and can not be avoided in the long run and can only be slowed down by proper care and storage. Please understand that we therefore can not guarantee the wear and tear.